What Others Are Saying…

“Good models and wise practices for successful transitions are not difficult to find. The difficulty lies in their implementation. This is where Dennis stands out.  His perspective and experience offer invaluable guidance for navigating the uncertainty of transitions.  As one with the unique vantage point of walking through a personal transition with him, I can say that he embodies the traits we all hope for in a mentor.” ~Wes Furlong 

(Wes Furlong was on staff with Dennis at Cape Christian for 5 years before the execution of an intentional succession plan where Wes became Lead Pastor for the next 6 years.  He now serves as Director of Church Development for the Evana Network)

“I have been challenged by how King David fought all his battles to joyfully give away the spoils to his successor.  The only way our ministries can out live us is by giving it all away.  Succession only works when an older leader is not threatened by a ‘David who has killed his ten thousands. ‘  Dennis is that kind of selfless leader who has held his position with open hands not clinging to it out of pride or fear.  Dennis has decreased so others may increase for the good of the church.” ~Jamie Stilson           

(Jamie and his wife Kim are pastors of the Cape Vineyard Church.  Jamie and Dennis have been a part of the same weekly pastors small group for more than two decades.  As couples, they  enjoy biking and traveling together.)


“Transitioning from Executive Director to Founder is a challenging process.  Having an experienced mentor walk alongside me before, during and after the transition was invaluable!  Dennis generously shared his time, his experience, his counsel and his prayers with me.  His authentic sharing, laced with both humility and humor, helped me stay on course when  the inevitable  times of confusion and challenge came.  I’m deeply grateful for Dennis’ mentoring. I believe that through him, God provided me and my organization (Coaching Mission International) with vital strategies and a key relationship that were essential for what has been, thus far, an extremely successful transition.”   ~Tina Stoltzfus Horst, MS, Founder, Coaching Mission International