Passing the Leadership Baton:  A Winning Transition Plan for Your Ministry – Tom Mullins (this is the most recent book on this topic)




Next: Pastoral Succession That Works – (Updated and Expanded Version) by Willam Vanderbloemen & Warren Bird  (the succession story of Cape Christian is told in this book)




The Elephant in the Boardroom: Speaking the Unspoken About Pastoral Transitions – Carolyn Weese & J. Russell Crabtree (this book is older but is solid and speaks of four types of church governances and the challenges of succession in each)




Passing the Baton: Planning for Pastoral TransitionTerry Roberts  (I have not personally read this book but it comes highly recommended from leaders that I trust)




Succession: Seven Practices to Navigate Mission-Critical Leadership Transitions – Peter Greer, Doug Fagerstrom & Brianna Lapp





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Dennis Gingerich – Successful Pastoral Successions  (Podcast on

Danny Anderson – Assuming the Leadership of a 29 Year Old Church When I was 28

Carey Nieuwhof & Jeff Brodie – Inside Look On A Succession Plan in Action

Ryan Visconti –  Inside a Church Succession While Seeing it Grow from 300-1300

Chris Bonham – A Shared Leadership Approach to Succession Planning

Heather Larson – Insights into Willow Creek’s Succession Process

William Vanderbloemen – Pastoral Succession that Works

Ken Sande – Leadership Transitions:  The Good, the Bad, and the Clumsy

Dr. Mark Vincent – The Third Turn  (BLOG)   An organizational development muse for Maestro-level leaders.

Dr. Mark Vincent & Jeanette Robert – The Third Turn  (PODCAST)   Conversations on long-term leadership and legacy.